Do’s & Dont’s


Boiler Do’s & Don’ts

The following is a partial list of operational guidelines and requirement which will provide a safer, more economical operation and extend the operating life of your boiler.

DO ‘S:

  • Respect the boiler. It can be dangerous. Be careful.
  • Open air vent during start up & shutdown of boilers
  • Close the dampers & delivery valves of fans & pump before starting the fans & pumps
  • Open the re-circulating line before starting the boiler feed water pump
  • Close the ash door after cleaning the ash from ash chamber
  • Observe condition of bearings of motors, pump & fans
  • Drain gauge glass at least once in a shift
  • Take trial run of the idle equipment at least once in week
  • Before lighting up the boiler purge the boiler by starting ID fan
  • Do annual inspection as per IBR guide line
  • Ensure all safety boiler interlocks are ok & in line
  • Maintain log book & history card of boiler
  • Do thorough inspection of all parts of boiler& its accessories internally & externally once in three months

  • DON’T:

  • Do not accumulate hot ash inside the ash chamber for more than 2 hr.
  • Do not operate headers blow down when the boiler is in operation
  • Do not raise water level more than 75 % in the gauge glass
  • Do not change boiler parameters frequently
  • Do not open the inspection door frequently
  • Do not operate fan dampers suddenly
  • Do not allow to pop safety valves frequently
  • Do not allow to go water level below 25 % in the gauge glass
  • Do not stop ID fan when boiler is in manual operation