Water Tube Boiler

Small Industrial Boilers

Small Industrial Boiler Design, Manufacturing & Inspection is as per Indian Boiler Regulation Act. Chapter XIV to provide with all papers like Boiler Certificate (Form XVII).

No require IBR Boiler Operators. Only X pass or Equivalent can operate this Boiler. Normal Yearly Inspection Fee.

SIB Boiler design is smoke tube horizontal type, so no more maintenance required compare to Coil type Boiler.

Very easy for cleaning from Water Steam side & also from Smoke tubes side. More Dryness fraction of steam against coil type boiler. Giving constant steam pressure & In coil type Boiler may be chaces for uneven steam pressure.

Incase of coil type boiler megligence in water treatment will check the coil and there will be no Steam generation.This boiler will generate the Steam & no checking problems. However, coil type boiler is not advisable.

Enthalpy value is more than same capacity of coil type boiler.

If require, you can run this boiler in 2\3rd capacity load at same Efficiency & In coil type boiler, this is not possible.

If require in future, earning resale value is good compare to Coil type boiler because this is certified & registered Boiler.







Horizontal Multi Tubular

200 kg/hr to 400 kg/hr (Solid Fuel)
200 Kg/hr to 500 kg/hr (Oil/Gas)

Max working pressure 7.0 Kg/cm2

Total Water / Steam Holding Capacity 500 Lits.

Coal / Wood /Oil/ Gas/ Briquettes

All Process Industry


Small Industrial Boiler Manufacturer