Steam Generator


Package stream generator:
Steam generator is equipment in which water converts to steam throught by the fuel of hot thermic oil. The thermic Fuel oil is travel in tube and water flow the surrounding the the tube in shell. The steam generator has two or three passes depending upon the capacity of steam generator.


  • Manufacturing Year: 2013
  • Fuel: Furnace Oil And gas
  • Rating: 415V ; 3 Phase ; 50 HZ
  • Capacity: 850 kg/hr
  • Design pressure:10.54 -17.50 kg/cm^2
  • Fuel Firing System: Pressure Jet-Reverse Flue, Dual Block
  • Make: NBI


Product Features:

  • Efficiency of 88% on NCV
  • Reverse flame technology
  • Unique patented membrane design
  • Built-in heat recovery device
  • Membrane design allows large tube diameter for coil enabling better steam dryness, less frequent de-scaling, and longer coil life and minimum downtime
  • Unique economiser - optimiser design ensures maximum heat recovery without Possibility of feed water pump failure due to boiling/ vapour causing cavitations and Pump failure
  • Unique circulation burner design prevents leakage and eliminates fire hazard
  • Ceramic wool refractory allows fast cooling of top plate and easy maintenance
  • Easy access to all parts requiring maintenance
  • Powder-coated, well-lit control panel for better life in industrial environment and Easy monitoring
  • Operating Range:

  • Capacities: From 100 to 850 Kg/hr
  • Design pressure: From 10.54 to 15.00 Kg/cm2 (g)
  • Firing fuels: Light oil, gas or dual fuel