Super Pac


CAPACITY: : 1 TPH to above(F&A 100OC)

PRESSURE: 10.54 Kg/Cm2 (g) to above

The SUPER PAC Boiler with its high performance and automatic modern styling confirms to the most exacting standards of safety, performance and efficiency. This boiler is manufactured with the latest engineering techniques, modern production equipment and with the expertise engineers and workers. The benefits include fuel flexibility, high efficiency, low emissions and reduced capital and operating expenses.


The filling of the boiler is done through a feed pipe connection. This water flows through the water wall membrane. It circulates the water from the water wall membrane to pressurized part of the boiler. As firing is done it raises the temperature of water wall membrane, it goes through perforated pipe and mixes with water which is present in pressurized part of the boiler. The smoke is emitted from flames and flow through the smoke tubes. The pressure part is full of water. When the temperature of smoke tubes raises, there is the formation of steam in the top space of the boiler. Steam is collected through the steam outlet. Man Hole is given for cleaning purpose.

· Offer improved efficiency and operating flexibility in the most economical manner
· Substantial Savings on fuel costs
· Fludized Bed Coumbustion with Multi-fuel firing
· Optimum combustion with appropriate secondary air system
· Machine-welded membrane panel
· Membrane panels provide gas tight enclosure for better efficiency of boiler & minimum refractory
· Inbed  & Economizer Evaporator design for better reliability and temperature control
· Dependable quality of components like valves, pumps, safeties & instruments
· Easy access for cleaning and inspection